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Greetings everyone, today the board has ajax controls, which means you don't have to refresh a page for new replies, and posting a new post will be automatically added to the thread without the poster needing to refresh it. As you might have noticed embedding is also functional now. Paste a youtube link to embedd it.

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post here if you want people to come to /chat/ instead of making an entire thread for it.
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Come ch@ with snoopy, niggaz

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Post your Shrek stories in this thread!

(Admin has hijacked this thread)
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good enuf m8. Definitely better than what I wrote. Think I went ogreboard a bit with the rehashing of christian text to fit the onionmaster.

You do have to admit some of these greentexts are a bit religiousy though (not that it's bad or anything)

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Top 10 reasons why Shrek should be in Smash.

1.He is the ogrelord,
2.The Miiverse users will cry to sleep for 20 years.
3.He has loads of layers, And if anyone tries to use him as a punching bag, Shrek will throw a giant onion at them.
4.Shrek has been on many nintendo games before. He was the hardest character to unlock so you have to be a pr0 e11it3 to unlock him.
5.Sakurai would approve of this, As he prays to Shrek as well.
6. He is insanely OP.
7. His Final Smash could be Super Layer 7, Or anal rape.
8. Shrek could pwn all of those characters that are considered better by Miiverse fans. (Such as Mario, Megaman. ETC)
9. He has a petition for him. (http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/masahiro-sakurai-shrek-for-super-smash-brothers-for-the-wii-u-and-3ds)
10.He is the fucking ogrelord.




File: 1397875638738.png (99.65 KB, 1200x764, Shrallenger.png)

yes much agreed

File: 1393990079123.png (156.75 KB, 200x200, 138976813671s.png)

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Roll to see what shrek has in mind for your future
>1 you are a brogre
>2 you are a Farquaad
>3 you will be visited by shrek
>4 you will be visited by drek
>5 you are a shooting star
>6 you are an anti-brogre
>7 you will unlock the secrets of shrekchan
>8 you will be sent to /mu/
>9 you are a newfiona
>0 you will get onions

dubs get extra layers and admin
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>alice glass
Mah brogre.
Also, rollin.






1 and 3



File: 1397874722654.png (632.88 KB, 1024x1463, frizen-2-unrated.png)

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Do you want to peel an onion?


yes very much nazi shrek

File: 1397872224612.gif (40.44 KB, 276x206, how how.gif)

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where does shrek stand politically


Absolute Monarchy. He rules the swamp. He also believes in Nazism.


a monarchy has multiple rulers and nazism is white germans which shrek is neither u dumb slut


Our multiple rulers being Shrek and Fiona. And no you dumb cunt, do you even history? There was black nazis. There is Russian Nazis. Shrek believes in keeping the green ogre race pure and killing all the other inferior recolors.

Read up on some politics, its an ABSOLUTE MONARCHY, not an average Monarchy.


File: 1397874312167.jpg (129.08 KB, 1280x800, pedophile.jpg)

>black nazis


Black men fought for Hitler, its a fact.

File: 1397861348098.jpg (1.41 MB, 1080x1601, shrek forever after.jpg)

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With Shrek 5 coming our way in the near future, let's discuss our favourite things about the previous movie, Shrek Forever After! For a movie that isn't as critically acclaimed as its predecessors, it still has its perks that make it stand out from the as-of-now quadrilogy, much like all the other films in the series.

My favourite thing about Shrek Forever After was the pacing. What turned out to be an hour in real life felt like half of it while watching the movie. I also thought that the "Do the roar!" kid was quite entertaining as well.

File: 1397855358226.jpg (240.19 KB, 1440x1080, shrek toy.JPG)

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Shrek toy thread?


sorry for one ear
stuck the other one up my ass


File: 1397857566142.jpg (63.39 KB, 700x560, s.jpg)

My friend had this and used it to anally pleasure himself

File: 1396734766281.png (11.33 KB, 510x436, STILLTHEBEST1973.png)

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In honor of /mu/ being dead and HOTBOXXX also being dead, I'm going to repost my link of "THE HOTBOXXX ANTHOLOGY," the most complete collection of his tracks I know of. Includes his collab with Spaceman Jones and his instrumentals album with an unreleased Shrek rap.


Also, here's the old music to :lounge:

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File: 1397584222001.jpg (79.91 KB, 667x521, ugh (2).JPG)

daily reminder that the shrek soundcloud community is dead


how about some old beatz


Ionion u got link to old farquaad rap.

I want to listen to shit music I swear!





File: 1397751453176.jpg (1.35 MB, 1958x2892, 05-snoop-dogg-082207-1.jpg)

No. 42782 [Reply]

Hey guys, I'm back. I wanted to come back when admin makes the /rp/ board and it seems he has. So, that means no more drama, no more roleplay, no more dreck and back to good ol snoop. If you want to make fun of me like a little faggot, then go ahead. I will just ignore you. Also, who the fuck is there another rapper on here called Busta I'm the only Brogre rapper and also I have flow is he actually taking the piss?

Also I would like to say hi to iOnion for making me leave for a while and bye to Nigogre because apparently he is kill. RIP Sweet Prince.

>inb4 ermehgerd fukk off snoop u ar poop
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Hey dawg

No problem mane


snoop isa big fat faggot :^)


m8 wat r u sayin


plebinem wat r u doin ere fak off u pleb i swere on me dad


also stop using ermehgerd unless you want to keep proving to us you're from KYM

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